Weekly direct message

(Валерия Лазебная) #1


I want to ask my colleagues few questions every week. They are text questions, so there are no answer choices. How can I make this flow restart every week? I wanted to use Label, but I don’t have variants of answers to use this function. Also, user may could not answer any questions, so I am not sure, that Label is right for me.

I saw this discussion Weekly direct message to multipe users on Slack. but I don’t understand how to use response path.

(Daniel Beckett) #2

Hi there,

If your flow starts with a New Message trigger or Flow trigger you can use the ‘Trigger a flow action’ and use the same trigger word or phrase to start eh flow again.

For your questions you’ll want to make sure they have an expiry time set so that the flow can end even if they don’t provide an answer.