Web Messenger downtime

(Mike Emery) #1

We’re making some improvements to the Web Messenger which will result in a short period of downtime for the Web Messenger itself and the test console.

How does this affect me?

You will not be able to use the Web Messenger or test console whilst the upgrade is being done. A maintenance message will be shown to any user trying to newly access your Web Messenger and any ongoing conversations will be interrupted. No action is needed on your part and any conversations will recommence after the upgrade has been completed.

When are you deploying this upgrade?

We’ll do the upgrade on Thursday 29th November 2018 between 05.00 and 06.00 UTC. We expect the upgrade to be quick and have chosen a quiet time to do it so the fewest users are affected.

We will keep you up to date with progress here.

Chat is not loading in iphone
(Mike Emery) #2

The maintenance work on the Web Messenger was completed successfully early this morning. We have seen one issue with some smart phone devices which we are investigating now but everything else is working well.

If you see any issues then please let us know. Thank you again for your patience whilst we did this upgrade.

(Emi Akino) #3

Hello. I don’t know if this is a consequence of Web Messenger downtime or not, but today my test console totally went crazy. It passes to flow not value from message shortcut, but shortcut itself. It doubles/triples my input from keyboard. It doubles some messages (not all, I don’t understand what the principle of such behaviour)
I’m out of my mind. :disappointed:

(Mike Emery) #4

Thanks for your message. We’ll take a look at this and let you know.

(Karen Barker) #5

HI @AnFlare,

I haven’t been able to reproduce the issues you’ve been seeing.

Could you therefore please email us at support@flowxo.com and send us a screenshot of the test console when it’s not behaving as expected, the corresponding interaction logs and if you can share your flows this would be really appreciated.


(Emi Akino) #6

Hello, @KarenBarker
How can I send interaction logs? As long as I can remember, it’s for pro users only.

(Karen Barker) #7

Hi @AnFlare,

The interaction logs are available for all users. Just click on the Interaction logs tab on the left hand menu and you’ll be able to view them all. You will need to screen shot these to send us the details. Thanks. :slight_smile:

(Emi Akino) #8

@KarenBarker , sent everything you asked.
Double/triple input solved on its own somehow. Will let you know if it appears again.

(Rodney) #9

After this upgrade, we’re having issues with the Chatbot not working when accessing from browsers in devices < iOS 12. Tried Safari and Chrome. iOS 12 devices work fine.

This is hitting our production website. Please resolve asap as incompatibility with iOS 11 devices is not reasonable as iOS 12 only came out in September 2018 and not everybody has upgraded.

Please update on this thread.

(Rodney) #10

@mike.emery Please see above message regarding issues with iOS 11 devices after the upgrade mentioned above.

(Mike Emery) #11

Thank you for your message, @R_Che. This has recently been flagged to us so we’re investigating and will provide an update as soon as we can.

(Sarah Palombo) #12

Hi Rodney

It seems that some older IOS were working and some not. :expressionless:
​Our devs have just released an update that should resolve any issues.

​Hope that helps ! :+1:


(Rodney) #13

Thanks @sarahpalombo. Question - Does FlowXO have an official mobile browser support OS policy? i.e. what is minimum iOS and Android that will be supported moving forward. i.e. would it be something like current iOS and Android major release -X (Where X can be a single digit number)? This would be helpful for us to know as we rely on FlowXO for our website.

(daniel.beckett) #14

Hi @R_Che

There’s no official policy on mobile browser support at the moment. Unless otherwise specified we’ll always try to support as many devices and operating systems as possible.