Sending the latest items from an RSS feed

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Something we often see is that rather than wanting to push everything from an RSS feed to a user, you might just want to send the user the latest n number of articles. With our old Push and Feeds services this was quite simple, but we’ve deprecated these in favour of the new, easier to use Broadcast service and it’s not quite so simple now. So here’s how to replicate this behaviour.

  1. Using the Webhooks & HTTP service set up a Get Request from the URL of your RSS feed:

  1. Trigger the Get request and look in your logs for your “Make and HTTP Request” task. Under Data heading for this task you’ll find the XML feed for the RSS feed.

  1. Using the XML feed from the Get request we can use data outputs to populate a card set as shown here:

Which will output something that looks like this to the user.

To make this easy to replicate here’s a working flow you can install and edit.

RSS broadcast not working
Rss Feed image and PAragraphs on description
(Pasta Gringo) #2

Hello @KarenBarker,

Can we get the latest RSS feed with an URL like “http://yoursite/feed” instead of “http://yoursite/rss.xml” ?

I tried but I can’t display title and description into the next cards :confused:

Thanks !

EDIT : I can now get the “title” but not the “description” because there is 2 pararagh tag in it… looking for the solution.

(Karen Barker) #3

Hi there,

This should work, it just depends on what the data output you receive is. I can take a closer look at this if you email this into and include the expanded logs for when you get the RSS update.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hello @KarenBarker

It seems that this announcement is not up to date anymore since there’s no such an option available in response paths as Respond to Catch-all. What should I choose from card set’s response paths? Or is default response path ok?

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Hi @pylle92,

Yes sorry the UI has changed slightly since this was made. The default response path should be absolutely fine as the default is the one associated with the trigger :slight_smile:

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