How can I redirect messages from telegram channels that are in certain format?

(Nayan Patel Fx) #1

Dear All,

I want a bot by which i can get all the posts instantly to my Own Channel where i am Admin. I want to get all the messages instantly when it is posted in a specific channel. But i am only a memeber in that channel. I am NOT admin and i can not add any bot to that channel.

My Actual Requirement is:-

  1. I want all posts to be forwarded to my own channel instantly at same time.
  2. I am NOT admin th the origin channel but i am a Member of it.
  3. I will not be able to add any Bot to that channel.
  4. I am only admin in My channel.
  5. Forwarded messages should not have any kind of reference or any name of original channel.
  6. Finally, i want to show that i, myself is posting the data to my channel.

Hope, everyone is understood my requirement.

Anyone, who can give me tool or solution to me. My whatsapp no

(Karen Barker) #2

Hi @Nayan_Patel_Fx

Please see this post for a full discussion on this topic. :slight_smile: