Forward all messages from any telegram channel

(Deepak Kundu) #1

Dear All,

I want a bot by which i can get all the posts instantly to my Own Channel where i am Admin. I want to get all the messages instantly when it is posted in a specific channel. But i am only a memeber in that channel. I am NOT admin and i can not add any bot to that channel.

My Actual Requirement is:-

  1. I want all posts to be forwarded to my own channel instantly at same time.
  2. I am NOT admin th the origin channel but i am a Member of it.
  3. I will not be able to add any Bot to that channel.
  4. I am only admin in My channel.
  5. Forwarded messages should not have any kind of reference or any name of original channel.
  6. Finally, i want to show that i, myself is posting the data to my channel.

Hope, everyone is understood my requirement.

Anyone, who can give me tool or solution to me. My whatsapp no. is +917696957397

Please leave a message.

Deepak Kundu

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(Daniel Beckett) #2

Hi Deepak,

Our bots don’t currently work with Telegram channels, only groups and direct messages. Since you aren’t able to add the bot to the channel where you’re trying to capture the messages I can’t really see any scenario where a bot would be able to do what you need.


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(Xaos) #3

u can add bot to public channel so he watch messages being sent then forward it to your own group

can u do that?

(Daniel Beckett) #4

Hi Xaos,

Unfortunately we don’t yet support Telegram channels so the ‘Overhear’ feature won’t work.


(Max Johnson) #5

Hey! If you found solution for this task let me know! I’ll buy it. Text me to telegram @YoshiYun

(Dave Coates) #6

You would need to run a custom client for that i.e. a chat application that has the functionality. A bot is not going to wor. (also part of your requirement). I am not aware of such a client, but I am putting something together for a friend of mine to do this. It will be very rough at first. If you are still interested, let me know.

(Deepak Kundu) #7

ok. Actually i already found good solution for my query.

Still, let me know about solution from your side.

Maybe your way ia much easier.

Whatsapp me: +91-7696957397

(Konstantinos Kanellopoulos) #8

DeepaK, could you share your solution? I am also looking for this feature! thanks and I wish you a Happy New Year!

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(Stevo) #9

I’m interested to… Let me know please

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Forward messages from telegram bot to a channel
(David Carle) #10

Hi, I would interested in any solution you have for this. All help appreciated.

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(Andrew) #11

The only way I found this is parsing via the Telegram API, using the Telegram CLI under my account. In the account we add the channels of interest, parsing them, then using the Bot API we send them to our channel. Sorry for my English

(Denis Presnov) #12

HI guys, i’m a telegram bot developer and i know how to create such bot. Please ping me in telegram @torq07 for more details

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(Life Is Beautiful) #13

I have no experience in programing and i own 5 channels in telegram ,but I want a free easy bot (like manybot or chattful ) by which i can forward all my posts instantly from my Own Channel where i am Admin and creator to other channels which is mine too (I am Admin and creator of them too) . I just
want to get all the messages instantly when it is posted in a specific channel. . I am admin and i can add any bot to these channels. Any advice please !

(Joseph Groot Kormelink) #14

Anyone still looking for this?
Send me a pm at:

(Andrew) #15

haha, I did it! parser is ready

(Pankaj Vistex) #16

hey can you ping me on 8898966070 i want to add that bot

(Pankaj Vistex) #17

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(Turbannman) #18

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(Art Arov) #19

Here is the best solution to date all the conditions of the top-starter are fulfilled

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(omer khan) #20

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