Google Sheets issue

(Mike Emery) #1

Some users are experiencing issues when trying to ‘Add a row’ to Google Sheets. They see “The request failed because something unexpected happened.”. The issue is intermittent and appears to be related to authentication with Google. We’re investigating the cause and will update as soon as we can. Re-connecting your Google account has had positive results for some users so we encourage you to try that and monitor it closely whilst we continue to look into the problem.

Error with Google sheets
(Mike Emery) #2

We have implemented a fix to this problem. Google have made a change to an error code in relation to authorisation which meant Flow XO was not interpreting it correctly - we believe this needs fixing by Google. We have logged this problem with them and await their response but in the meantime have put a temporary fix in place. If you re-connect your Google account you should no longer experience the problem but please let us know if it continues for you. Sorry for any inconvenience.