Forward all messages from any telegram channel

(Saurabh Chaudhary) #46

i need free bot for the forwarding purpose
pls help

(Andrea Hasani) #47

Currently the most used telegram forwarding bot is TeleFeed | Telegram Forwarding Bot. Its trusted by more than 100k users and has never gone down. Been working for over 2 years now.

Here’s a list of its features.

  • Forward chats (public or private)
  • Highest performance (up to 200 msg/min)
  • Forward from many chats to one and vice versa
  • Change messages format and remove/add defined words
  • Filter messages (images, media, voice_notes etc)
  • Whitelist and Blacklist keywords
  • Translate messages from Source to Destination
  • Delay messages up to defined amount
  • Clone chats from Source to Destination
  • Forward or rewrite mode
  • Filter Duplicates
  • And many more features

I tried many bots but most of them have issues such as not working often, missing messages and badly formated text. Only on TeleFeed was I able to sleep with a peace of mind, knowing my forwarding would work 24/7

(Impo) #48

Well its end of 2023 and All I see solution to this problem is bunch of bots in market all paid and none free. and Here in discussion tons of people are selling it on subscription based. :frowning: