Forward all messages from any telegram channel

(omer khan) #21

I am looking for this and cannot message Joseph, please message me or contact me @

(Denis Presnov) #22

I have developed fast and efficient solution for this task, ping me in telegram @torq07

(Jay Adams) #23

I spent much time looking for a solution that would allow me to automatically repost messages from several Telegram channels to my own channel.

I tried several self-hosted opensource solutions from github, but they didn’t work as I expected.

The last thing I tried and that finally worked for me was multifeed bot ( ).

Hope it helps you guys

(Andrii Tsymbal) #24

Hi everyone!
For this task you do not need any bots, all that you need is this application for android (you can also run it using android emulator), here is a link -
This application forwards messages from telegram chats to another telegram chats. Enjoy!

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(Win Play Bet) #26

I have solution for this post

(Ajit Kumar) #28

hey I need the solution. kindaly mail me on

(ghorbani77) #30

im design a bot , who send all messages in other channel in my own channel that im admin in that channels , you can download code web site .

(Momo) #31

hi ghorbani, your code to crack the passworded excel sheet really works.
but there is no bot to forward messages in telegram channels. where did you hide it?

(Cheat Codes) #32

I have got the solution to the problem of auto forwarding posts from one channel to another.
The posts are automatically forwarded without the forward tag and the speed is awesome!
This is the golden bot for the same!

(Shubham Kumar) #33

Here is a demo video for the required task. For more details contact me at .

(SharkLab) #34

Try @redirectsbot he can radirect posts from any group, channel, bot and user

(Natnael) #35

Hello everyone !

It actually worked for me with the app Andrii Tsymbal gave. " Tforwarder app " !
I recomend all of you guys to try it out !

(Natnael) #36

@walkmn Hey Andrii Tsymbal I have a question. The app you gave worked. But It needs a network connection to forward messages. If I go offline It won’t do its work. But I want it to forward messages even if I go offline. Do you know a solution for that ? Does anyone know a solution ? Thanks

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(Membix) #37

@Natman MultiFeed does not require you to keep your Telegram account always online and it has some advanced features like transformations that do automatic text replacements, translations and etc.

(Shubham Kumar) #38

Auto Forward Msg Bot does the task efficiently and instantly. You can add multiple forwards and all will work in parallel. You don’t need to be the admin in the source channel and also you don’t need to online everytime.
Username of bot : @autoforward_msgbot


(Mayank) #39

Hi, I have a permanent solution for this situation. You can forward messages form any channel/group to ur channel/group. The best part is it doesn’t requires u to have an active internet connection. Also, there is 0 delay. All the messages will be forwarded instantly.
If u are interested then feel free to WhatsApp me at +12486557399 or telegram me at @mayank160920.

(Igor Kononuchenko) #40

You can use for this case.

(manuel) #41

is there any news about it?
I should redirect the news from a channel to my group

(Mayank) #44

If you want to forward messages across different channels , groups,
private chats then I have got a solution for you.

Presenting @superforwardBot

Features :

  • Forward across multiple channels/groups
  • Fully anonymous Identity
  • 24/7 running
  • No internet connection required

The bot is currently in beta phase, so many more features coming in future.

(Shubham Kumar) #45

This is the exact solution for forwarding from telegram to anywhere else : SkTech | Telegram AutoForwarder (

This provides a lot of customizations( image manipulation , translate text , block/replace words etc.)
Do give it a try once.