Forward all messages from any telegram channel

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(Denis Presnov) #22

I have developed fast and efficient solution for this task, ping me in telegram @torq07

(Jay Adams) #23

I spent much time looking for a solution that would allow me to automatically repost messages from several Telegram channels to my own channel.

I tried several self-hosted opensource solutions from github, but they didn’t work as I expected.

The last thing I tried and that finally worked for me was multifeed bot ( ).

Hope it helps you guys

(Andrii Tsymbal) #24

Hi everyone!
For this task you do not need any bots, all that you need is this application for android (you can also run it using android emulator), here is a link -
This application forwards messages from telegram chats to another telegram chats. Enjoy!

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(Professional Chatbot Developer | Conversational UX Designer | Symfony/Laravel) #27

The task is not possible to solve with the help of a bot. Because you can not add a bot to the group.

For those curious what other limitations Telegram imposes on its bots, here it is. The bot cannot send a message to another bot. The bot does not see the messages that another bot writes in the group chat.

Why doesn’t my bot see messages from other bots?
Bots talking to each other could potentially get stuck in unwelcome loops. To avoid this, we decided that bots will not be able to see messages from other bots regardless of mode.

The only solution is to use a user account as a bot.

I take this opportunity to offer my help. I specialize in the development of custom integrations and complex bots that cannot be done using available free or paid services for non-developers such as IFTTT, Zapier, Integromat, and others.

Reach out to me if you need a powerful message relay or a custom made beautifully streamlined easy to use pipeline solution that does exactly what you need the way you need it.

  • pulling data from multiple sources (Telegram, WhatsApp, Website, Email, etc.);
  • analyzing the data and extracting variables;
  • filtering the data;
  • formatting the messages with your branding;
  • distributing it to many other channels (Twitter, Discord, Custom Database, etc.);
  • a custom made website: an admin panel, user memberships, subscriptions, etc.

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(ghorbani77) #30

im design a bot , who send all messages in other channel in my own channel that im admin in that channels , you can download code web site .

(Momo) #31

hi ghorbani, your code to crack the passworded excel sheet really works.
but there is no bot to forward messages in telegram channels. where did you hide it?