Analytics Now Available

(John Jackson) #1

You can now get access to metrics on how many people are using your bots, whether they’re active, how many messages are being sent & received, and top messages & flows.

Just click on the analytics tab in the app to access your metrics, or see our analytics docs for help on understanding each metric.

If you’re on our Standard Plan, you’ll be able to get historic analytics and use custom date ranges.

Hope you like the new feature! :smile:

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(M E) #2

A Very Good Step … waiting for more updates

(John Jackson) #3

Thanks @Mohammed_Ahmed - yes we do have more plans but it should cover the main metrics you need!


Hi, I can see the analytics but i want a way to download/export the summary. The option for export i can see does not include all the flows and interaction details. How can i download/export the interactions raw data?


How can i customize the exported data? the current one is giving me largely irrelevant data. thanks

(Karen Barker) #6

Hi @Omoshx78,

Unfortunately at the moment there is no way to export either interaction or analytics data. The only exportable data is for Users which includes response paths, dates of when the user first started a conversation with the bot, when they last spoke to the bot, attributes set for a user etc.

There are a couple of ideas on our roadmap for both interaction and analytics export and an analytics API exports which you might like to pop over and vote on. :slight_smile: