Adding a call Button to Messenger

(Ryan McGuinness) #1

You can now add a call button to Messenger, feel free to install our flow and try it for yourself. :thumbsup:

You just need to add your page access token and change the phone number (Needs to include the Country Dialling code). :smiley:

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Send text card and buttons variable option
Loop function or the like for performing actions?
(Mayank Sharma) #2

hi @ryan.mcguinness i have tried adding the above code in my exiting flow and applied filter accordingly but the code is not working.

can you please help me out with a small tutorial


(Karen Barker) #3

Hi Mayank,

This is actually easier now than when Ryan put that flow together as we have custom requests now.

If you set up an action of Bot > Make a Custom Request and copy the code below into the request then it should work - make sure you update the payload to be the required phone number.

            "text":"Need further assistance? Talk to a representative",
                  "title":"Call Representative",
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