Why my bot randomly freezes?

(Alexander) #1

Hi! After starting my flow, it works properly, but after some random time bot stops responding to commands. It may happend after 30 min or 1hr after last interaction. To unfreezing it, I must press “Edit” on bot and after pressing “Next” button, bot wake up and start working properly. Flow in my user panel: https://flowxo.com/app/flows/5e9ec2e83ec2cc0013534f05
What must i doing to prevent that freezings?
Thanks in advance!

(ericb) #2


Please write an email to support@flowxo.com, so we can help you troubleshoot the issue. We will also require that you provide is the REQUEST ID of the flow that is having issues. Please watch the video to know how to get the request id: https://support.flowxo.com/article/217-finding-the-request-id-for-an-interaction