Webtools Facebook Comments Problem

(Sioulis Nick) #1

Webtools Facebook Comments, before around 10 hours have stopped working without I changed anything.
the bots are working ok

is it from your side something ?

(Daniel Beckett) #2

Hi @Sioulis_Nick,

Are you still having a problem with this? There are no known issues which should be affecting Facebook comments from being detected via. the Web Tools.

What happens if you try to setup a new one?

Also, do you know if any changes have been made to the associated Facebook page? This could be adding other services for example or changing ownership of the page.

(Sioulis Nick) #3

Hi @DanielBeckett and thank you for your reply!

  1. I am still having problem. The problem happened after no changes at all in my facebook page or in flowxo!
  2. I have created new posts with new webtools and still no auto-answer. i have created new webtool linked to a new post and i let the keywords empty to answer to anyone. Still no auto-answer
  3. The bots are triggering normally without any problem when someone directly send message in messenger

i have checked messenger settings and FlowXo is primary receiver

(Daniel Beckett) #4


Thanks for the info.

Could you please email into support@flowxo.com with an example of your setup (showing the URL that you copied for the ID for example)?

We can hopefully get to the bottom of this from there.:slight_smile:


(Sioulis Nick) #5


email sent!
I am looking forward to solve the issue!

thank you in advance for your help

(Sioulis Nick) #6

Hi Daniel,
facebook locked out my account (due to high traffic needed 2FA to unlocked) and after I recover my account back I faced the same issue. Bot flows working fine but webtools Fb Comments don’t work.

Last time the issue resolved after i removed the flowxo from my fb account and recreate the bot.

This time this doen’t help, I delete and recreate everything but still no messages are sent.

Can you give me any advice?

(Daniel Beckett) #7

Hi @Sioulis_Nick,

I can see that you have emailed the support team. I’ve responded over there. :slight_smile:


(Augusto Vera) #8

Please share it, a couple of months ago I wanted to use the Facebook Comments web tool and it did not work, and I was told FLOWXO was working on it, from this answer I suspect it still does not work, is it?

(Daniel Beckett) #9

Hi @Augusto_Vera1,

Our team is still looking into the issue with the web tools for Facebook comments. As soon as the issue is resolved we’ll be sure to let people know.


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