Webhook as a trigger

(Prakhar Monga) #1

I am using integromat(zapier alternative) to send data to flowxo and i am using webhook as a trigger for broadcast.
How can i send data from integromat there are three options
1 Body Type- Raw and JSON,XML
2 Body Type- application/x-www-form-url-encoded and and there are field values
3 Query String this is attached to both methods.
How to extract value from that webhook broadcast using
query string


(Daniel Beckett) #2

The Webhooks & HTTP service currently recognises the following formats:

recognise data sent in these formats:

  • JSON (objects only, although the object may contain arrays)
  • XML
  • Form data
  • URL query string - you can make HTTP GET requests and use a query string in your URL. Note that values in the query string are only recognised in GET requests.
  • No data - you don’t have to send anything. You might want a webhook to start a flow without passing any information in.

This means that you could use either method to send the data in.

The request will output the status and body that it receives back in the response. The status is the HTTP status code (usually 200 for a successful request) and the body is the content that the server returns.

If the request results in a status code of 500 or higher (or the request can’t complete), it will be marked as failed in the logs and the flow stopped.

If your request returns structured data (either JSON or XML), it will be contained in the data output. This is a special data output type, and you should refer to the documentation for help using it.


(Prakhar Monga) #3

i will try and let you know.