Webhook and twilio sms


Hi i am new here. I am trying to setup a flow triggered through a webhook. what i am trying to do is: When some one submit a form on my website (name,email and phone number), i want to send them a confirmation message via twilio and add their info (name,email and phone number) on a google sheet. And send them another message after 15 minutes. Can anyone please help me to do it. i spend nearly 4 hours, but i’m unable to set it up. there is not enough tutorial on YT too :frowning:

(Nathan Stults) #2

Happy to help Shazzad, but you’d need to be a little more specific about where you’re stuck.


Hi Nathan. This is want i want

  1. i have a popup on my website, it collects Name,email and Phone number

    2.After someone submit this form. i want to instantly send them a customized confirmation sms via twilio and i also send sms to my client with the information.
    3.I also want these information(name,email and phone number) on a google sheet.

I’m unable to setup anything. i connect my sheet and twilio account. i use webhook to get the data and start the flow. but its not working.

(Nathan Stults) #4

Shazzad, I answered in your support ticket but your main issue is that you’re using a Broadcast Webhook instead of a standard Webhook.

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Hi Nathan
Thanks a lot. It’s working now!