Web Widget Discontinued

(Mike Emery) #1

We notified you in May of some changes to features and services. This announcement is to remind you that the web widget will be discontinued on Monday 2nd July.

Web Widget

From Monday, the web widget will no longer appear, except where it’s used to control our web messenger.

Is there anything I need to do?

If you have a web widget that includes the web messenger as well as other channels, it will become a web messenger only control without you doing anything.

If you have a web widget that does not include the web messenger but includes other channels, it will disappear without you doing anything.

You will no longer be able to create a web widget.

Note that this does not affect the web messenger, it’s only the web ‘widget’ that’s affected (for displaying the different bot channels you have a presence on).

More questions?

Our friendly support team are always on hand. Either contact support or ask your question right here.