Web Messenger Metadata Change

(Mike Emery) #1

As with all data processing companies, we worked hard to ensure that not only are we GDPR compliant as a business, but that the Flow XO platform makes it easy for you to be too.

Removal of IP address from Web Messenger metadata

You’ve helped us identify a further change to take away a little more GDPR pain. By removing the user’s IP address* from our Web Messenger metadata, your Web Messenger bots will be GDPR compliant out of the box and you won’t need to get consent from your users when they first interact.

* We also derive the user’s country, region, time zone, longitude and latitude from the IP address so they’ll disappear too.

Does this affect me?

Probably not but we know that some of you may use the IP address in your flows. You’ll still be able to do that by using the setConfig method of the Web Messenger API to send the IP address. You can find more information on this here but get in touch if you need our help.

When are we deploying this change?

We’ll make the change on Friday 15th June so you’ve got some time to check this out and make any changes needed.