Web Chat display size issue / DNS Forwarding

(Andrew Catchpole) #1

Until recently I have used the FB Messenger user interface but now moving to a Web chat.

However I am noticing some unpredictable display behaviour specially the font size can be rendered very large Eg date and time stamp on each message or the sometimes the message or short cuts are large.

Does this happen to anyone else?

(Nathan Stults) #2

Hi Andrew.

We haven’t ever seen that before, what kind of device are you using? Are you saying that the messages display different ways different times, seemingly randomly? That is extremely strange.


(Andrew Catchpole) #3


Still seeing this issue - it’s only on mobile/Android devices. Windows desktop is okay.

I think the issue may be to do with DNS forwarding??

The display size is fine when using the ‘fxo.io/xxxx’ url however if I try and use a domain name with forwarding then the display is messed up and appears very small.

My latest example is http://broadband.poweye.me if you’d like to see it

This domain forwards to the web chat at https://fxo.io/m/8n7p96pr which works just fine.

Not sure if there are alterntives to hiding the fxo.io domain?

Any suggestions?

Regards Andrew

(Andrew Catchpole) #4

I have attached the following image as an example

(Andrew Catchpole) #5

I have uploaded this screen image to demonstrate what happens when I use Domain Forwarding to fxo.io
The issue is very small fonts.
Does anyone else get this problem?

(Nathan Stults) #6


I believe the problem is that isn’t not just forwarding the domain to the fxo.io URL, whatever you are doing is actually embedding the Flow XO chat widget into an iframe on the page, which prevents the Flow XO page from being able to adjust its CSS settings.

If you use an actual redirect to the fxo address using DNS and not iframe embedding, I believe it should work better.


(Andrew Catchpole) #7

The domain is with godaddy
Forwarding is possible but the flowxo destination is displayed. Therefore I have used the Forwarding with Masking. I’m no expert here but suspect this method uses a frame to hide / Mask the destination.
I’m unclear if there are other more appropriate methods available to achieve domain forwarding which maintains the original url??

(Nathan Stults) #8

What they are doing behind the scenes is embedding the chatbot in another page, which is causing the issues.

There is probably no simply automatic solution to this that you can accomplish using GoDaddy settings alone. One alternative might be to host your own web page that embeds the Flow XO chat as a widget (rather than an iFrame/direct URL) and use the javascript configuration to make it load in Full Screen mode.

However that would require a number of manual steps, including building and hosting your own HTML page inside the domain you are targeting, and using the JavaScript Web API of Flow XO.

We can add to our roadmap the ability to host your bots inside a custom domain, but this will require engineering changes on our end and I don’t have an ETA for that.

(Andrew Catchpole) #9


Understood. I suspect this would be a useful feature for other commercial users that need to have an appropriate domain name.

I suspect that it is relatively easy manually for Flowxo to register new domain names but would need operational systems to support it properly?

(Andrew Catchpole) #10

One other option…could Flowxo host a shortname domain that was anomonous at root level and therefore hide the fact that it was Flowxo?

something like m.me e.g. ‘f.me

(Nathan Stults) #11

Ahh - very interesting idea Andrew. “F.me” might give people the wrong idea :slight_smile: But I think something like that would be pretty easy for us to do. You think that would be almost as good as custom domains? Probably only makes sense to do one of the two, so curious on your opinion.