Wait until a date/time don't work correctly

(Андрей Родионов) #1

Hi, I need to make a bot that will ask for the time zone and send a message three times a day on specific time depending on the user’s time zone.
What i do :slight_smile:

  1. ask user UTC
  2. Set attribute UTC
  3. Get that attribute
  4. add wait until a date / time (my system timezone is set on UTC) but the system skips the first two wait until triggers in flow.

    How i can implement waiting for a specific user time?

Sorry for my English((

(Daniel Beckett) #2

UTC time is used for all triggers to provide consistent Interaction Logs across all bots and flows for an account. I understand that this can be a bit frustrating when you’re working with time zones though!

To get around this, you can use the Date & Time Service to format the date from the trigger which should output using your profile timezone. You could also use the service to add a specific offset of + or - a number of hours.

Here’s an example flow showing how this works:

Unfortunately there’s no check for user’s timezone so the only way that I can think of to get around this would be for them to specify what timezone they’re in.

Something like ‘Ask a Question’ > “Please specify UTC time difference. +/- 0 to 14:”
Not the most elegant solution, I know, but hopefully it helps. :slight_smile:


(Андрей Родионов) #3


And how i can use this whith “wait until specific time”?

I need than system wait until 9:00 by users timezone.

(Daniel Beckett) #4

You can add in an action to Wait Until a Date and set it as the formatted date/time.