Very complex flow

(Andrea Doyon) #1


I need at some point to create a very complex conversation tree. Normally I could break down the conversation in many flow and use the Trigger a flow action to navigate in the conversation. That would break down the global conversation in more manageable smaller flow. But I could easily end up with more than 200 flow. That will become quite expensive.

I don’t do it in dialogflow because it’s a very structure conversation. Dialogflow only let me do one intent > one response and there is no possibility to automatically trigger a series of action as a response, like we can in Flow XO.

In the past I used botpress for the conversation flow, but I would like to avoid adding another platform.

So: what is the best approach if I need a dialog with 25 possible branch. I clearly cannot mash-up everything in one linear flow and use label to bounce around?

(Daniel Beckett) #2

Hi @Anashel,

In theory you could use a combination of both methods. Filters allows you to control which actions should run in your flow and you can use the labels and goto label actions up to 20 times in a single interaction.

You may find that the best approach is to have, let’s say, 5 branches per flow so that you can split it into 5 flows which are linked together using ‘trigger a flow’.

(Andrea Doyon) #3

Thanks for the reply,

Do you know if there is any integration I could do to design a diagram / branched flow as I would do in botpress?

They become much easier to manage since they are visually organized. Especially when having multiple employees working on a flow and having to figure out what’s going on.

Just so you understand the need, we are looking to develop a game where all our NPC conversation is power by your platform.

(Daniel Beckett) #4

Sorry, there aren’t any integrations which would provide that. Please feel free to stop by on the Feedback Site to leave any suggestions.

(Andrea Doyon) #5

Done! :slight_smile: