Using Collection Outputs

(Sarah Powers) #1

Hi Everyone,

I’m reading the guidance on the Collection Outputs page:

What I’m trying to do is Search a Google Sheet by email column but there can be multiple rows in that column with the same email - similar to “Listing items in a collection” scenario in the Collections Outputs page.

My question is, I am not clear from the page what to choose for the action in Flow. If I choose Get a Row, this only allows me to choose the Row ID - or choose a column.

Basically, I’d like to get the value in each ‘Customers’ column in the Spreadsheet that correlates with the same Email Address in the email column (determined by using a Search a Google Spreadsheet flow).

Is there a way to do this? Thanks in advance for any guidance. :slight_smile:


(Daniel Beckett) #2

Hi Sarah,

It’s the ‘Search Rows’ action that you’d want to use. In the search, you’d look for the email address and then use the output for the customers column.

( #3

Hello Daniel,

How exactly can i do this. What i’m trying to do is get a user input from a question, check for it in the email column (lets assume every input is available in our google sheet), and return the customer’s id (a different column in our sheet) which corresponds to the email address we checked with.