Using 'Ask A Question' the exit options

(Pete) #1

I’ve set-up a bot for a client. It’s primary use is to collect some feedback to questions. One of the questions is about current politics… and everytime someone types ‘Brexit’ as an answer, it automatically triggers the ‘bye’ command and ‘exits’ the survey.

How can I change the ‘bye’ commands on a set of questions?

(daniel.beckett) #2

Hi @pete_nexus

Unfortunately there’s no way to change the default keywords and phrases used to exit the bot.

The bot recognising ‘Brexit’ as an exit word isn’t really ideal though. I’ll pass this over to our development team to see if we can get that changed.


(Pete) #3

Feels like a bug to me in that case – it clearly specifies that ‘bye’ is the exit world, nothing about Exit.

(daniel.beckett) #4


Sorry for the delay. This has now been fixed.