User's Name Added to New Message Trigger

(John Jackson) #1

From today, we’ve added 2 new outputs to the New Message trigger.

  • User Name - the user’s full ‘real’ name.
  • User Handle - the handle or username on the platform that the message came from.

Making use of this requires no changes for Messenger and Telegram. On Slack, your users will need to re-install your bot with the users:read permission before name and handle will show up.

To get the updated button code, go to the bots page, edit your Slack bot, click next, and you’ll see details of how to add the correct Slack button to your site.

After each Slack user re-installs, the new outputs will be populated for that team.

This has been a popular request and we hope you find it useful!

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(Imad Jundi) #2

I needed it for telegram to allow users to send message to each other after initial connection.
but for facebook i could not format the profile
i could not find how to get emadjund (or any profile for the user connected to my bot)
Any suggestion?

(Daniel Beckett) #3


The User ID / User Handle that you get when you receive a message from a FB user is the ‘page scoped user ID’ - it’s only useful for sending a message back to the user.

You couldn’t use it in a or link unfortunately.

Messenger offer a User Profile API. This lets your bot get more information about the user. You just make a HTTP POST using the example request on messengers docs.

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