User Dropping a Random Pin

(Jade Neve Blows) #1

Hi there

So I seem to be having a problem when the user drops a random pin. The bot asks the user to select one of the following options:

  1. About
  2. Find a Bar
  3. Closest Store

I am using the Find Location flow but set an attribute to last_answer according to what the user chooses. I only want the bot to pick up either Find a Bar or Closest Store when the user drops a pin.

At the moment when dropping a random pin, for example, the last answer I chose was About then I dropped a random pin and it searched for places containing the keyword ‘About’.

Is there any way I can set the Find Location flow to search for a bar/store when the user randomly drops a pin and if so how?


(Daniel Beckett) #2

Hi @Jade-Neve_Blows

I’m having trouble visualising the full process that a user is going through here so it may be best to email in to so we can pick it up from there.

It does sound like like this is something that would be best handled through the use of filters in the flow or just by restricting their options through the use of ‘Ask a Question’ so they they have to provide a specific answer that you handle within the flow.

(Jade Neve Blows) #3


Thanks for your help but found the solution to my problem :slightly_smiling_face: .