Update attribute not working inside Label Loop

(Linus) #1

Hi All,

Im trying to write a flow which has the capability of jumping back inside the flow using a Label Loop to certain parts over and over again that then will reinitialize my attributes I am using to then be set again as the flow continues the second time round.
However I dont seem to get it right for the Set Attribute then Update to work.
Can someone please advice.

(Andrew Catchpole) #2

I initially had difficulty with attributes but I’ve now got the hang of it.

Try using the output from a Get Attribute action immediately before you need it.

If you try and use the flow’s version of the same attribute it won’t be updated in the flow only when you call it again.

Also remember that you are limited on the number of loops in a flow.

Regards Andrew

(Linus) #3

Will I be able to update attributes like this in the flow and once it jumps back up be initialized to 0 as per my SetAttribute?

(Linus) #4

It works! Thank you! I called GetAll Attributes Just before my display and it worked :smiley: