Unable to view view drop down in Interactions log

(Andrew Catchpole) #1

I am no longer able to view view drop down in Interactions log.
A small grey arrow appears - see graphic below
Does anyone else have this issue?


(ericb) #2

Hi Andrew,

Can you please provide us the email address or flow ID for this account, so we can check the status.



(Andrew Catchpole) #3

@eric Hi Eric - the issue is not specific to any flow. It occurs when I look at the interaction log for any flow. I can share my screen if needed eg using Zoom. when woul dbe convenient?

(ericb) #4

Hi Andrew,

I am sorry we only provide email support at this time. It will be best if we continue this conversation via our support@flowxo.com email, so I can easily share the issue with other techs and make the resolution faster.



(Andrew Catchpole) #5

Thanks. Removing unwanted / unused flows resolves this issue.