Trying to get my Flow to work

(Tanwir Esmail) #1

Hi All,
Hope you’re well. I’m wondering if you could help me as a beginner I’m trying to get my Subscribe Flow to function correctly however I’m really struggling to see where I am going wrong.

So it’s set-up as follows.

Get Started, Start

Message #1
Message Content Here
Filter = {{unsubscribe.attributes__Subscribe}}
Value = 0

This message has a Shortcut Button that is ‘Subscribe’

Set an Attribute
Subscribe = 1
Filter = {{unsubscribe.message}}
Value = Subscribe

Send a Message
Thank You for Subscribing
Filter = {{unsubscribe.attributes__Subscribe}}
Value = 1

Now the problem is after clicking Subscribe I get the bot respond with the first message how do I make it go onto the next Message? Am I missing some sort of filtering have i not thought of something?

(Daniel Beckett) #2

Hi @Tanwir_Esmail

Might be easier to help with this if we can see your flow :slight_smile:

Please click on the ‘private’ button near the top right corner when editing the flow and then send the link over in an email to and we’ll pick it up from there.


(Tanwir Esmail) #3


I think I’ve got it working how it’s supposed to be working now. I’ll send it over to the e-mail address anyway for a bit of a second set of eyes to look it over.