Trouble getting Mailgun to work

(Pete) #1

Sorry - me again.

I’ve got a Mailgun account set-up and working (have tested sending emails through the service using terminal and works fine) but when I try and send any messages through the service via Flow they don’t send. I’m not getting any errors. Is there a tutorial or anything online for making this work?

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(Daniel Beckett) #2


Are you using custom HTML for the emails? I’ve seen this cause conflicts before where for some reason it doesn’t like some of the code being used and won’t send the email. Unfortunately we don’t get any real error sent back to print to the interaction logs.

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(Pete) #3

No - I’m just using the standard ‘send email’ box that Flow supplies. Nothing custom.

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(Pete) #4

It doesn’t stop the flow either… so I don’t think it’s an error. It just doesn’t send anything. Skips straight over it. Like there’s an error in your Mailgun integration service.

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(Daniel Beckett) #5

Hi Pete,

Are there definitely no errors or filtered items in your interaction logs for the Mailgun action?


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(Pete) #6

Nope. It’s just dumb… does nothing. The connection is authenticated when I set up the account too. It’s really odd.

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(Daniel Beckett) #7

Any chance you could share your flow with me? Might be best to email and I’ll pick it up from there to try and work out what’s going wrong here. :slight_smile:

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(Pete) #8

Sure - how do I do that? Share the flow I mean.

(Daniel Beckett) #9

If you go to edit the flow there is a ‘Private’ button near the top right of the window. Clicking that gives an option to share your flow that creates a share URL.

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(Pete) #10

Done. Email inbound.

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