Trigger flow and add input

(Mark) #1

Hi All,

I’m attempting to have our bot use the standard goodbye [farewell] message from the Small Talk flow, triggered from any other flow that is ending.
Let’s say it’s Password Help flow. So we’re at the end of that flow and the bot has offered all possible help; now it should say goodbye ([farewell] message in Small Talk).

I can see from the logs, it triggers the [farewell] flow as expected, but to actually get the bot to say goodbye one would then have to physically type “bye”.

How do I get it to automatically trigger the farewell reply, as if the user typed “bye”?



(daniel.beckett) #2

Hi @markellisdev,

So long as you have the Small Talk flow switched on all you’ll need is an action at the end of your flow to ‘Trigger a Flow’ with a keyword for ‘bye’ and then Metadata to use in the other flow.


For example, I can set the metadata as ‘Message’ with a value of ‘bye’

Back on the Small Talk flow you just then need to adjust the filter on the Farewell message to include:


Hope that helps! :slightly_smiling_face: