Trigger a flow from another flow

(Kevin Robinson) #1

Here’s my problem:

I have 3 flows:

  • Help bot
  • Help bot for new clients
  • Help bot for existing clients

My top-level bot has a multiple-choice question:

Are you an existing client?
Yes I am   |   No I'm not

I want these answers to trigger their respective flows.

Perhaps I’m being stupid here, but to me this article makes no sense whatsoever:

I have absolutely no clue how to achieve what I want.

Can somebody give me a super-simple step-by-step guide?

(Karen Barker) #2

Hi @Kevin_Robinson

Your flows will need to be set up as follows:

1st flow - switch the question for a “Send a Message” action with shortcut buttons.
2nd flow - starts with a “New Message” trigger where the keyword matches the value of one of the shortcut buttons in flow 1
3rd flow - starts with a “New Message” trigger where the keyword matches the value of the other shortcut button in flow 1

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

(Sarah Powers) #3

Hi there, I’m evaluating your product and have a question on how to trigger one flow to another flow.

Here it is:

Here is a screenshot:

The second flow I have started with a new message.

I have tried triggering a few different ways. Have tried looking at your YouTube videos and user guide and am at a loss. Any help would be great. I need to get this working to demo it.

Can anyone share what I’m doing wrong?

Also, did the interface significantly change? I don’t see the branching that the youTube videos all showcase.



(Karen Barker) #4

Hi @Sarah_Powers,

Yes the interface has changed since the YouTube videos I’m afraid - it is on our minds to create some more videos but unfortunately we haven’t had a chance to do this just yet. :frowning:

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to look fully at the flow as I’m not able to access the link you shared. However, looking over the screenshots I think the issue is caused by you specifying a different response path in the “Trigger a flow” action. If you just use the default response path here I believe everything should work successfully.

If this doesn’t work could you please share the flow by clicking the private button at the top of the flow and making it sharable. You’re then provided a specific share link which you can share with me. It would also be useful to see if there are any errors in your Interaction Logs. If there are can you please screen shot these and share them too? If you’d rather keep this private please do email us on instead and we’ll be more than happy to help. :thumbsup:

(Sarah Powers) #5

Sweet! That was it. I just had to click the ‘default response path’ link. That was a bit confusing. I’m on my way. Thank you, Sarah

(Martin Mc Nulty) #6

I don’t find this answer helpful.

I have multiple flows and I’d like all of them to be able to trigger a “request for phone number” flow. This flow is identical, so I’d prefer to have one flow that can be triggered by others.

I have build flows that ask the same question - “would you like us to contact you”

I’d like all of these flows to

  1. Trigger the “request for phone number”
  2. Stop the existing flow.

Please provide guidance - thanks