"Trigger a flow" action error


Hi community,

I am building my first chatbot on flowxo right now using the “free” version.

I have the following issue:

I implemented the “trigger a flow” action into one of my flows (flow 1).
The flow that should be triggered is defined in a second flow (flow 2). So far so good.
If I implement that action once in flow 1 all works fine.
However, if I am using the same action “trigger a flow” again to trigger the same flow 2 at a different point in my flow 1 it won’t react anymore at all. Also, the part that worked before is not responding anymore.

In the “interaction” section is does not give me an error or anything.

Can anyone help me here? Is it a common issue? Or do I do something wrong?

Thank you

(Nathan Stults) #2

Sophie, I don’t think this is a common issue. If you write an e-mail to support@flowxo.com and share your flow with us we can take a look and tell you where you are going wrong.