Total Beginner where to start?

(Richard Hughes) #1

I am really interested in Flowxo, although it looks like a steep learning curve!
I am quite used to learning things using Youtube but the videos on there are not any good for a total beginner - where is the best place to start please?

Hopefully there must be a walkthrough for someone who hasnt got a clue where to start? Even the help section seems to assume you know what you are doing!!

Help please!!

(ericb) #2

Hi Richard,

In my experience, I too was quite intimidated when I started working on my first flowxo chatbot, but it turns out, the best way is to really get started in making your first test project and learn as you go. Then you will realize that its not really as difficult as you thought it was. A good start is for you to use somewhat templates when you click on the Add Action and Select an Action Menu, and study how they work and add your own actions moving forward.

Learn how to GROUP trigger words, Create Shortcuts and connect these shortcuts to appropriate messages /actions…soon you’re making chatbots like an expert.

There is always help and a to refer to.


(Richard Hughes) #3

Thanks Ericb, i will have another go having given up after a few hours of getting nowhere! The tutorials are very frustrating, i like to learn with videos and the Youtube channel is hopeless for beginners!

(Nathan Stults) #4

That’s great feedback. We’ll work on some video content oriented towards getting started for the first time. Can you tell us what kind of bot you’re building (platform & purpose)? Also, at any time feel free to e-mail us at with any questions about your specific flow and we’ll help you out.


(Richard Hughes) #5

Nathan. Thanks I wasnt sure anyone was there but if you can help me i reckon i will become a good customer!
My first chat bot (i host 150+ websites, mostly Joomla so there could be more if this is good) is for a golf club.
I want to setup something like on this site for one that i host and manage.
So the welcome message with buttons asking something like “Can i help you with any of the following?”
Depending on how the user replied would be where we go next - perhaps a link to one of the site pages, more questions or a mailchimp signup.
I have managed to get a mailchimp signup working thanks to a youtube video from a user but I am really lost with all the instructions, which seem to assume the user already knows more than i do im embarrassed to say!
I regularly create “cloud app videos” for my customers and your software is crying out for some of these.
I really need to get this golf club bot working by the 17th so hope you can help me out!

(Nathan Stults) #6

Richard, that bot looks pretty straightforward. Do you have a script written already for the one you want on your site? If you send it to we can put together a sample for you of part of your script that you should be able to replicate to complete your bot on time.

(Richard Hughes) #7

thanks i have sent you what i am hoping to start off with, im sure it sounds straightforward to you but it is a lot of lost hours for me so far !!!