The bot <script> tag markes as flagged and phising on chrome

(Mike) #1

Good day to you all,

I just tried to acces the bot via the script tag on my website. Instead of seeing the chatbot icon, i get a small window in the left corner which saying this could possibily be a phising site.

Also, when trying to reach out to my bot on Firefox, It doesn’t show the widget.
I’m running lastest versions on both Firefox and Chrome.

At the moment, the script is embedded in the head element of my page, due to the fact I can’t access the FTP server of my site, because our host has the credentials.
I’m using a custom themed Magento 2 as CMS.

Does anybody had this problem before, or does someone know how to solve this problem?


(Daniel Beckett) #2

Hi @CChatter

We haven’t had this reported by any other users.

It’s worth noting that the Web Messenger widget is supposed to be installed just before the closing tag in the HTML for the page so that might have an effect.

If you use the bot widget on our website ( do you see that same warning? If not, I think this may be unique to your site, rather than something caused by Flow XO.