Text service convert 'space' to 99

(Imad Jundi) #1

i would like to convert the space ’ ’ to number 99 how is that possibe with text service?

(Karen Barker) #2

Hi Imad,

Unfortuantely it looks like this isn’t possible using the text service, however you could do it using the code service as follows:

Hope this helps :thumbsup:

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(Imad Jundi) #3

can i use the same expression (/\s/g) with regex enabled in text service?

(Sarah Palombo) #4

Imad :wave:

You could use the (Text (String) - Replace Text)
Choose Allow Regular Expressions : Yes
Click to add your replacements i.e a space > 99

Like so:

Does that work well for you

Sarah :slight_smile:

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(Imad Jundi) #5

Perfect :+1:
thanks it is working

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