Test the Webhook

(I Magiс) #1

Looks like I found some bug.

There is impossible to change the Webhook URL even if webhook is received.

Update: I’ve found https://flow-xo.canny.io/flow-xo and created the post there. So I guess this question could be deleted :man_shrugging:

(Nathan Stults) #2

Hello - we don’t use https://flowxo.canny.io.flow-xo anymore, so this is a fine place for your question.

However, there is not a bug. It seems you may be using the webhooks incorrectly. The purpose of that “Waiting” screen is to allow you to post sample data to the generated webhook so Flow XO can know what fields will be present to expose to the rest of the flow.

There is no way to change the URL because it isn’t a user configurable setting - you need to use the webhook URL we are providing.