Telegram setting change when Bot is Admin

(Bob Stewart) #1

Hi I’m new to FlowXO and have built my first bot for Telegram.

The shortcut values reverse when I use the Bot as a standalone bot @BOTNAME but when I make the Bot administrator for my test group things change a lot?

So I have a menu set up using the ‘Shortcut’ option which prompts for name value pairs:-
This is a Name – this is a value
This is a Name – this is a value
you know what I mean if you have used interact>send a message
When the bot displays is directly accessed the button names that show on the menu item are the actual values that I set for the menu. When I trigger the bot in the test group it displays the names as you would expect. Anyone know a fix or even aware of this.

Another iratating fact is that when I set a shortcut (single shortcut) to link back to the main menu it does not display when the bot is working in the test group but it works when called directly via @BOTNAME really struggling to warm to FlowXO as the inconsistancies are mounting and I’ve only just started to explore the Bot building capabilities. Any help would be welcome.

regards Bob

(Nathan Stults) #2

Unfortunately I’m not following your description very well - perhaps you could lay out some simple reproduction steps we can try.

(Bob Stewart) #3

I shall do a set of screenshots when I’m back in the office tomorrow.

(Bob Stewart) #4

Hi I have attached three screengrabs and added my comments. One has the Shortcut settings showing the name:value pairs and the other two show how the menu is displayed differently when the bot is an Administrator of a group but more importantly the text on the buttons is different, one showing the ‘name’ and one showing the ‘value’ that were set in the shortcuts list.


(Bob Stewart) #5

Hi second image

(Bob Stewart) #6

third image