Telegram inline button in robots

(MHDI) #1

Hey dear friends how i can add inline button in my bot ?
for example i send /photo to bot and give a picture from bot and under picture a text shows in button and when click on that show next photo like this photo

(Karen Barker) #2

Hi there,

Whenever you set up a shortcut on a task this will display a button like these. To display an image you would need to use a card, which can have shortcuts as part of them as well. The shortcut buttons work like keywords and so you would need to pass into another flow that is listening for each of your buttons.

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(MHDI) #3

i know but i need inline button no this buttons see image plz.

(MHDI) #4

no answer??!?!?!?!?!?

(Karen Barker) #5


Sorry for the delay in responding.

In order to use the inline buttons you would need to do a Custom Request using the Telegram API for Inline Buttons.

The JSON required will be along the lines of:

    "chat_id": "{{bot_new_message.channel_id}}",
    "text": "Inline Buttons Example",
    "reply_markup": {
                "inline_keyboard": [
                               "text": "test1",
                               "callback_data": "test1"
                               "text": "test2",
                               "callback_data": "test2"
(MHDI) #6

Thanks so muck my friend
and how can i send message or photo and… with callback data?
for example: click on test1 button and bot send flowxo logo to user?

(Karen Barker) #7


My appologies here, I’ve had to double check with the development team with regards to this, but unfortunately it appears we don’t actually support the callback_data for the inline keyboard at the moment. This has been raised for discussion with the developers to see if we can implement this feature in the future but I can’t give any guarantees on this.

If you could store the image that you’re wanting to send as a URL then you could have the inline button open this in a new window for the user using the top one of these options. To do this you would switch the callback_data line sent in the JSON above for:

"url": ""

Sorry for any confusion or inconvenience here.

(Oleg Pavlish) #8

Greetings, @KarenBarker!

At the end of April you wrote that there is no way to use the inline buttons in Flow XO!
What is the situation now?
Has anything changed since that time?
As far as I understand - so far nothing has changed.
If I am right, then please give an answer when you plan to support these methods.

(Daniel Beckett) #9


I’m sorry to say that this still isn’t a supported feature. If that ever changes we’ll be sure to let people know. :slight_smile:

(Oleg Pavlish) #10

Hi @DanielBeckett
Are there any approximate terms of produce supported feature? Should we wait 1 month? Or 3 months or half a year?

(Daniel Beckett) #11

Unfortunately I don’t have a set time for when / if this feature will be implemented.

(Eugene Ivanov) #12

When will this function be implemented? Very necessary!

(Daniel Beckett) #13

No set time just yet, sorry.

If this ever goes into development we’ll be sure to post an update over on the development roadmap.

(Zied Hosni) #14

maybe this can help you

(Roman Shlyapkin) #15

Hi @DanielBeckett,
I use the same code to create inline buttons, but my chatbot in telegram writes me nothing and I have an error “The ‘method’ parameter is missing from metadata”
Could you please help me to fix it?

“chat_id”: “{{new_message.channel_id}}”,
“text”: “Inline Buttons Example”,
“reply_markup”: {
“inline_keyboard”: [
“text”: “test1”,
“callback_data”: “test1”
“text”: “test2”,
“callback_data”: “test2”

(Sarah Palombo) #16

Hi Roman :wave:

For the request to work, You’ll just need to add metadata to the bottom of the custom request
You just need

method > sendMessage like so:

Unfortunately, we don’t support callback_data for the inline keyboard at the moment but you could instead use the reply keyboard which we do support

I hope that helps !


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(Hanan Alharbi) #17

Hi does the (callback_data) still not support

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(Nikita Solunin) #19

Were there any updates about supporting callback_data in inline keyboard?

(Nathan Stults) #20

There are not any updates yet.

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