Telegram bot (menu + back button)



I’m use Send message and Edit message by Telegram Action to create a menu with inline keyboard and I’m can’t create Back button to update last messages to start post.

For example, when user send /start bot answer this:

example messages 1
faq[/faq] | help[/help]

User click help button and message edit to new text:

example messages 2
back[/back] | more[/more]

How to create back in first message, when user click back button?

I’m try use Edit message, it’s work, I can edit example 2 look like example 1, but this methods work only first click on back button and in editing messages button from example 1 not work.

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most likely the problem is in the message id, it is necessary to indicate the id of the message that will change.

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I am looking for a question how to edit a sticker in this way. I think it will be useful to you too