Telegram bot -- data request --> web site; web site --> datas --> Telegram bot. Is it possibile?


Hi guys!

First of all I apologise for my English! I’m trying to program a bot for a game! I would like to obtain this:

  1. Bot navigates to

  2. Bot selects a particular location (I can obtain this throw the website address, since it incorporates the coordinates: ex. I can tell my bot to go to,9.190278053283693 if I want him to teleport in Milan).

  3. Bot selects the “scan location” button.

  4. Bot reads the datas of the gyms in the area.

I would like to teach my bot to tell me the raids active in my town, so that I and my friends won’t have to use everytime! Is it possibile to achieve something like this?

(I know, it’s a game… but… even when something is done for fun, we can learn something and enrich ourselves :slightly_smiling_face:)

Thank you very much!

Greetings from Italy

(Karen Barker) #2

Hi there,

What you’ve explained above I’m afraid I don’t believe would be possible through Flow XO I’m afraid as there is no way of getting the bot to click the button on the website.

You would need to find a service that allows you to send a users location and automatically searches and returns the results for the pokemon gyms in that area. If you can find a service doing this then you’d be able to do a Get Request to the website, to bring the information automatically back into the bot. :thumbsup:

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Thank you very much for your answer Karen!

I think I may have found a way… I’m working on an idea: google sheets has some interesting functions in order to get datas from websites… Flow xo can be connected to google sheets… so…

  1. Add a row or update a row -> through the bot I send a location to google sheets (ex in the cell A1 is registered the location sent by the user)

  2. google sheets -> function importXML in the cell A2 to obtain datas from[LocationSentByTheUserInTheCellA1] (ex,9.190278053283693 for Milan).

  3. get a row -> bot reads the datas registered in the cell A2 imported from the website

I thing this could be an interesting solution that could allow me to bypass the problem… What do you think?

By the way, I’m trying to create a bot for my telegram chat: the bot should tell me and my friends the Pokemon go raids active in my city, without having to manually go to every time! I know, we are very lazy! :joy:

Greetings from Italy :grin::grin:

(Daniel Beckett) #4


It still looks like you’ll run into some problems with trying to automate things since the site wants a user to click on the scan button to bring up the results. If Google Sheets is pulling through this information it still looks like you’d be doing it manually on the sheet as our integration doesn’t include an option to trigger an XML import.

You could look into doing some custom requests to the Google Sheets API to see if it’s possible to trigger that XML import from a HTTP Request.

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Thank you Daniel for your answer!

I exlplain you what I’m trying to do now. I discovered that every gym has its own web page. So, I could do a list of the web pages of all the gyms in my town in google sheets and use the formulas in the image below:

My bot could be structured as follows:


  2. get a row -> go to google sheets, row 2

  3. update a row -> update A2, inserting “ON”

  4. automatically the formulas in column D start their job

  5. list row + message -> text all the datas in column D

  6. update a row -> update A2, inserting “OFF”.

I think this could bypass my problem, but now I have an issue with google sheets: when I use one of the formulas to import datas, I only obtain partial datas. :sweat_smile:

Anyway, thank you for your answer!

(I Magiс) #6

What about Telegram Web Apps?
But I see the problem with getting data back to the bot. Telegram API proposes you to use web_app_data or SentWebAppMessage method. But how to use it in the right way by FlowXo?