Support for Buttons in Slack

(John Jackson) #1

We’ve added support for Slack’s new buttons!

You’ll now see an extra field when you set up a new Slack bot, which is a URL you’ll need to paste into the Interactive Messages section in Slack.

To enable buttons on existing Slack bots, you’ll need to take some steps:

  • Click Bots on the top menu in Flow XO and click Edit to open up your Slack bot settings.
  • Head over to
  • In Slack, find your bot and click on its name in the list, and then click on Interactive Messages on the left menu.
  • Click Enable Interactive Messages, and copy in the Slack App Interactive Messages Action URL from Flow XO. Click Save changes.
  • Finally, save the bot settings in Flow XO, which will activate the feature.

Hope you like the change!

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(Leopold Lanne) #2

Hi @johnjackson,
thanks for the info. Nevertheless, i still looking the buttons on my slack bot for certains answers…!
It’s working when I propose few choices of answers…
Do you got an idea ?

ig: not working for this one

Thanks a lot !

(Leopold Lanne) #3

but working for that one

(Leopold Lanne) #4

whereas in the flow xo there is no pb…

(Daniel Beckett) #5


When too many characters or choices are included in the choices they are no longer sent as buttons. On slack there is a maximum of 5 choices that can be sent before the buttons are converted to text.

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