Suggestions for Integrating Google Conversion Into Sequence for Web Widget

(Mitch Smith) #1

I am assuming that the next best thing would be to make a card or something that would entice the visitor to click it once they have reached a certain point in the conversation and hope that they do that to count the conversion.

Any other suggestions or is that the way to go?

(Using Web Messenger / Web Widget)

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(Daniel Beckett) #2


Are you using Google AdWords? There’s an API that could possibly be used although I’m not sure any of their conversion tracking categories quite fit a bot at the moment. If you do see one that you like then you could have an action in your Flow that triggers a webhook to send over a request to the AdWords API.

Your idea to just use a card is much simpler though :+1:

(Guillermo Garcia) #3

Hi Daniel, is this going to be implemented?

It would be great to be able to fire javascript tracking scripts directly from the flow in order to properly track conversion events from different ad networks.

Thank you

(Nathan Stults) #4


If your chat widget is hosted on your own website (i.e. you are using a web bot and not an i-frame but the chat bubble popup) then you can using our Web Actions to perform any kind of client-side javascript you like from a bot flow, including tracking events using Google or any other tracking library.

(Guillermo Garcia) #5

Hello Nathan,

Thank you for your quick response. Unfortunately, having only this feature for the chat popup bubble is a bit limited.There is no other way to publish the bot in your own domain without using an iframe. The traffic to this bot is coming from different buttons on a landing page so I can’t use the bubble popup integration here.

It would be good if you would add the possibility to publish bots directly in your own domain with a CNAME in the premium plan instead of using iframes. That way this feature can always be used and have consistent JS tracking.

Thank you

(Nathan Stults) #6

You have many options for embedding. You can embed the bot into an element on your page as well, not only an iFrame, which will be just like widget (popup) embedding but behave like an iFrame.

The the link to the embedding samples at the very end.