Subscription Broadcast Flow

(Tanwir Esmail) #1


I am very interested in creating a Broadcast Flow that kind of works in the following manner but I am struggling to make it work


#1 Broadcast
Headliner 1 announced for Secret Event 2020!

Subscribe below for ticket access

#1 Broadcast

#1 Broadcast
Subscribe Button

#2 Response to pressing Subscribe
You’re in! Thanks for subscribing.

The competition to WIN VIP tickets for you and your friends is closing soon! To enter, click ‘interested / going’ on the event page and tag all the friends you want come with in the comments!

#2 Response to pressing Subscribe
Win button (Link directly to Facebook Event)

Now everyone who has subscribed has been given a value of say a random number 4481 so we can later send them a link for tickets when they become available.

Been trying absolutely everything to make this work but just doesn’t seem to like anything I try.

(Nathan Stults) #2

Tranwir - can you be more specific about what is not working? If you submit a ticket at with some specifics we can get you working. What you are trying to do seems straightforward.