Strange codes in interaction logs

(Aleksei Nacharov) #1

Sometimes I see strange codes in interaction details. For example:

Value 1 should be a number, but instead of a number, some code is shown. Why? I use value of a specific attribute several times for one filter. And the same attribute could be shown as a number (its value) or as a code. It looks like attributes do not rise correct values sometimes.

(Nathan Stults) #2

The most common reason that you will see that is when you have a filter with several conditions connected by ‘AND’. The very first condition in the filter to result in No Match will result in no further conditions in the filter being evaluated (because there is no need). Because of this, in the interaction log, the values are not replaced with your data because the filter was never processed.

The other reason you can see this is if you have deleted a step or a trigger in your flow, and you had a filter referencing a data point from that step or trigger. In these cases, you would need to re-write the filter criteria to use a non-deleted data point.

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