Slow response time


Flowxo have been extremely slow last 2 hours, at least for me.
All the working bots and also editor is working really slow (It does not matter is it short or long flow in use). e.g. when saving a new action, flow editor typically gives error “an error occurred when contacting server”.
Network connection is fine (down: 250M, up: 50M).

(Karen Barker) #2


Unfortunately we are aware of some issues with response times this morning. We are investigating this issue and as soon as I have further information I will update you. :disappointed:


In this kind of issues please post status to forum.
It would be nice to have info here instead of in phone from the customer :sweat:

(Andrew Catchpole) #4

@KarenBarker Was this resolved?

Using the Flowxo dev tool, I have experienced slow response a lot.

I think it becomes worse as the flow becomes longer.Looking at the Chrome debugging tool there are a lot of errors. Also token requests from facebook which cause the browser to hang.

Regards Andrew

app.3998933aa7.js:1 Uncaught SocketProtocolError {name: “SocketProtocolError”, message: “Client pong timed out”, code: 4001, stack: “SocketProtocolError: Client pong timed out↵ at …//”}

(Andrew Catchpole) #5

Now waiting round 20-30secs for responses

I’ve tried different browsers and getting these types of message…

(Karen Barker) #6

Hi @Smartview_Property,

As mentioned in our recent email exchange unfortunately we are aware of issues with the Flow XO UI becoming slow or unresponsive for longer flows. The development team are aware of this issue but in the meantime I’m afraid the only way to improve this is to ensure flows are kept to a maximum of about 30 actions and longer flows are split into multiple shorter flows. :disappointed:


We ave the same thing… it is very difficult to work with even slightly longer flows…

What would be the best way to split them up into smaller flows: we don’t feel like creating the flows 5 times all over again. How do you copy/export part of a flow to another flow in a smart way?

(daniel.beckett) #8

We’re currently testing some changes to better handle large flows and hope to have an update released early next week. You may want to hold on just a bit longer to see if the update helps.

I’ll be sure to report back here once the update is released :slight_smile:

(daniel.beckett) #9

An update has now been released which should make the flow editor much more responsive. Hopefully this helps out with the slowness that some of you have reported. :smile: