Several questions at a time - Slack

(Max L) #1

Hey guys!

I got stuck in the middle of the flow for my Slack bot. Anyone who faced similar scenario and solved the issue?

I need to ask several people (say 10, but the number can vary from time to time) and then send messages depending on the answers.
I found out that I can’t send several questions to people at a time (the error says that another question is pending answer).
Any chance to work around this limitation for “question” type action at the same time be able to collect users’ answers?

I also tried sending custom request (JSON) with buttons instead of a question type message. But I can’t figure out how to catch the event when user clicks the button in Slack.

(Nathan Stults) #2

There is not a way to ask multiple questions at one time. A question can, of course, have multiple choices, but you can only ask a single question at a time because when you ask a question the bot pauses to wait for the answer, which is how it knows which answer goes with which question.

On your second question, when you send a custom request with buttons, if you add a “Wait for a Response” task after it the bot will pause and wait for the button click, and should capture the result in its “Answer” property.

(Max L) #3

That won’t help, but thank you for your answer!

I really need to present several questions at a time. Will dig more into webhooks.