Session id for web hook

(Sergey) #1

Good day. I use Web hook to send requests to my server to log any converstion. My task is: one conversation - one file. The hook can be added to any type of flow items - questions, answers etc. I’ve tried using {{new_message.bot_connection_id}}, but seems to me it is always the same - at least, it does not change after clicking on the chat’s Reset conversation button.

So, is there a global session id variable, unique for each new conversation?

Thank you in advance,

(Daniel Beckett) #2

Hi @SergeGusev

There isn’t an output that’s unique for each conversation / triggered flow. When a user talks with the bot a response path is formed and messages are sent back and forth using that response path. These response paths are unique between the user and the bot so each user will have their own response path.

I’m not entirely clear on what it is that you’re looking to do. Wouldn’t you just want to send out the data as part of each flow (conversation)? If you did that you could associate it against a particular user by saving their response path.


(Sergey) #3

Thank you, Daniel, you gave me an idea. Looks like response path will work for me