Separating welcome text and default answer

(Angelina Fritsch) #1

Hi there,

I created a Chatbot responding to typical FAQs. As the bot is not a real artificial intelligence there are still some questions left, he can’t give an answer to.

In this case, I want the bot to give an answer which leads to our customer service.
At the moment the welcome text and the default answer are both the same. Is there any possibility to separate these two answer, so that the bot welcomes the user but is also able to react on incomprehensibility with a different answer leading to the customer service?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Best regards

(Daniel Beckett) #2

Hi @angelinaa_fr

The welcome text can be modified from your bots menu. Head to the bots section and then edit your bot, you’ll see it listed there.

Any other messages are part of your flows so it depends on how they are triggered. By default, when a user connects for the first time a message is sent saying ‘Start’ to the bot. This will then trigger a catch-all flow or New Message trigger if a matching keyword is found.

(Angelina Fritsch) #3

Hi @DanielBeckett

thanks for your response!

But if the bot just can’t answer the request, which is not a defined trigger, do you know how I implement an own answer for that?


(Daniel Beckett) #4

You would handle that by adding a catch-all trigger. A catch-all will activate whenever an unrecognised word or phrase is used to trigger the bot.

(Angelina Fritsch) #5

Hi @DanielBeckett

it worked with the catcall-Trigger. Thank you very much!

One last question: Is there any possibility to send a card to the user leading to the customer support after he failed a second time? At the moment I can only set one answer for invalid messages saying: „please try it again“ but if the second try didn’t work as well, could there be a way to give the user a second option?

(Daniel Beckett) #6

Sorry, there isn’t a way to specify more than one invalid answer message.