Sending link to my bot via inline keyboard in Telegram is broken

(Nikita Solunin) #1

I have a problem: I’m trying to send the message with the inline keyboard in the Telegram channel. Then I want the user to go to my bot personally, but clicking the link with the link. I can’t send the link to the telegram.
I have two buttons in the same message, one for the Google Calendar and the second for my personal bot. No problems with Google Calendar link, but for the telegram I have.
What can I do, to move the user into the personal chat?

Some screenshots: – message output (looks correct) – how it looks like in the Telegram

I assume the problem is that I’m sending the link from the same bot I want to redirect the user for, but how can I transfer the user from the channel to personal chat then…

Thanks for any help!

Tg:// and keyboard buttons do not work as intended
(Nikita Solunin) #2

I was solved by changing the link from “” to “”

thanks :smile: