Sending a follow up message to chatbot users

(Helen Skipworth) #1

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone could offer some help on sending a follow up message to users after they have engaged with a bot.

I’ve recently set up a chatbot on Facebook messenger which was a series of questions to test people on their CPR knowledge. I wanted to send a follow up question a month later to everyone that reached the end of the chatbot about how confident they’d be performing CPR. I was planning on doing this by sending a broadcast message. Would this be the best way to go about this? Everything I’ve read says it will only send to 'active users’.

I guess my question is what is meant by an active user?

When I set up the broadcast it was only finding one potential user, does this mean the message would only be sent to one person? There was about 1.5K people that triggered the bot in total.

Would appreciate any advice.

Thanks very much for your help!

(Sarah Palombo) #2

Hi Helen

There’s a few ways to follow up with a user a month later you could:

  • Stay in the same flow, just use a wait action - (just wait 30 days) then send a new message or question
  • You could Broadcast (but you probably don’t need to) - Just set up a new broadcast flow with a webhook trigger. (wait 30days then send a message or question) At the end of the first flow, just send a webhook into this broadcast flow.

The first options easier but either way if i finnish the first flow today i’ll get a message in one month from now. If you Finished tomorrow your message would be a month after :ok_hand:

Usually with broadcasts, you can allow users to opt in then set filters to to target certain audiences (like updates: yes)
Broadcasts are sent automatically to ANYONE that’s ever spoken to your bot unless you apply filters to say only send this message to certain users.

In your analytics how many active users do you have?
You can also see details of users that have spoke to your bot in the Users section too.

I hope that helps

Reach me on if not, i can elaborate or help troubleshoot :slight_smile: