Send message to all user

(Nikita Solunin) #1

Hi all!
Could you tell me how can I send message to all my user at independence from time.
Example: I want to send a some news to users write now. How can I do it?

(daniel.beckett) #2

Hi @Nikita_Solunin

You can use the Broadcast feature to send out a message to your users.

(Nikita Solunin) #3

Thank you for your answer!

@DanielBeckett, maybe do you know how to make a mass rows update in Google Sheets from another list?
Example: We have list with information (10 rows) and we need to update another list (in this file) according to first list?

(Karen Barker) #4

Hi @Nikita_Solunin,

Unfortunately it is only possible to update 1 row at a time using our Google Sheets integration. We can only update a row based on the specific row ID for each individual row. :disappointed:

(Nikita Solunin) #5

Thank @KarenBarker, for your response.
Сan we create a loop with a “Go To Label” function with a help of +N to row ID or something like that?

(Karen Barker) #6

Hi @Nikita_Solunin,

Google Sheets row ID’s aren’t sequential unfortunately, but if you have your own ID column in the sheet you could do a get row action and then use the ID returned in this to update the row. :slight_smile:

(Nikita Solunin) #7

Thanks, @KarenBarker!!! :slight_smile:
We will try to do this…

And, one more question. Maybe you have some topic for solve next problem:
We need to do different direct message (like reminder about event), but don’t know how to do that in one bot.
What we need to use?

Please send me some tutorials or link to topic.

Thank you so much!!!

(Sarah Palombo) #8

Hello Nikita :wave:

This could be something like once a user has registered interest in an event trigger a new flow (you’ll be able to send the event date in as metadata perhaps?
The new flow will simply use the Wait service using ‘Wait Until a Date’ where you can use the event date

You can also offset the date to do something before or after if you like

Hope that helps !

Sarah :slight_smile:

(Nikita Solunin) #9

Thanks for your answers guys!
You’re cool :sunglasses:

Have a nice day! :wink: