Send a message filtered by previous card set shortcut chosen


Hi Flow Team,
1st post here so please be kind, patient and assume i know nothing when responding.

im 3 days into creating a telegram flow consisting of 3 layers of multiple choices and a card set filtered by previous choice answers.

my card set contains 3 cards, each with a shortcut (which by the way on telegram displays the value as opposed to the shortcut which seems to be the opposite for the “ask a question” choices thus far, but i think that’s another issue that may need addressing in its own post)

i have created an action after the card set “send a message”
after editing the message and clicking next, i wanted to apply filter based on just 1 of the card set shortcuts pressed and a few choices made from the “ask a question” before the card set but i can only see the latter.

how do i do this please?
there seems to be multiple ways to skin a cat so to speak from looking at examples but none seem to work for me.

(Nathan Stults) #2

Thanks for the question! However, I’m not really able to follow what you’re trying to accomplish. A diagram might help.




Hi @nathan cheers for the Wicked response. I’ve drawn out a diagram and attached it.

I want the send message triggered by the shortcut “click here 1” on the 1st card
Choices A1 or A2 of “question 2”

Does that make more sense?

(Nathan Stults) #4

Yes, I think so. I think the problem is that sending a Card Set does not capture a user response like Ask a Question does.

So what you probably want to do here is add a “Wait for a Response” task immediately after sending the card set, then when the user clicks on one of the card options, you can handle it with filters like you would any other ask a question.


Oh dear, sounds really confusing @nathan
Can you send me steps on how to do that, where to create the action from based on my diagram, which filters to use and where to apply them please :pray:

(Nathan Stults) #6

I’m afraid that’s beyond the support we offer for free users, but you can see how to work with filters here:

That should get you where you need to go.


I’ve seen that example already @nathan and it’s the only reason I know how to apply filters to “ask questions” that’s all I know how to do.

I’m willing to bet it would take you less than a minute to advise Vs the 3 days it’s taken me as well as drawing a diagram for u :smirk:

(Nathan Stults) #8

I’m sorry, but I don’t know your use case well enough to give you a specific example at this point. Can you tell me exactly what you’re confused about? After you send the cards, simply add a “Wait for a Response” task after you send the cards. When the user clicks a button, that task will have the user response, which you can use in a filter. I can help further, but you’ll need to be more precise in what exactly you need help with.


@nathan i have provided an illustrated explanation of my case i really cant explain any clearer.
im confused about the following with regards to your answer: i set up wait task with a validation? if so what
2. do i set up wait task with response path? if so what (i dont see any connection to the cards)
3. how do i link the wait for a response to a card shortcut AND answers to the question that precedes it.
is it possible to have a call/screen share. i have a zoom account and can pay for your time.

(Nathan Stults) #10
  1. Yes, you would set a “Wait for a Response” task (not Wait for a While or Wait for a Date) immediately after you send your cards. This pauses the flow until the user provides some kind of input, and will also capture the input into the output of the Wait for a Response task to use in a filter (exactly like Ask a Question does - Wait for a Response basically turns any action into an Ask a Question)
  2. You don’t need to provide a response path, this is only for very advanced usages
  3. You access the outputs of steps from the variable picker when creating filters. You can choose to use the output of Wait for a Response in one filter criteria, and the value of any of the Ask a Question above in another filter criteria. That should be described in the Simple Example.

We do offer professional services if you want phone support. The cost is $100/hr, and we sell these in blocks of 5 hours.

Alternatively you can sign up for a paid account and we can help you via our helpdesk. It’s email based, but we can take a look at your flow and offer some more targeted suggestions based on what you’ve actually built so far. If you go that route, the support e-mails